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Check Out These Amazing Results from a Demonstration in Our Facility!

Here is an actual test we performed in our rug facility last week. We had a typical 8X10 wool rug in for cleaning. The pile of dirt on the left is from a surface vacuum, the middle is where we used a portable beater style machine over the same rug and the far right is all the additional sand we got out of the rug with our Automatic Rug Dusting machine! This was not staged but an actual demonstration!...

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More from Our 3-Day Training with Ruth Travis

Ruth Travis, the “Rug Lady”, conducted a 3 day area rug class for students from all across the country at our Heirloom facility. Our staff learned and participated in the class designed to help us be better so we can be better for our customers! Ruth gave us some amazing new techniques and the folks who attended were excited! Everyone was amazed how much dust and dirt we were able to remove from rugs with our automatic...

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Getting Great Value for Area Rug Cleaning in New Smyrna Beach

Many area rug and Oriental rug owners opt for professional area rug cleaning in New Smyrna Beach because they want to know that their rugs are in the best hands possible. You may already know that there are many benefits to keeping up with the maintenance of your area rugs, but you might be at a loss as to how you can protect it on your own too. Here are a few tips to make sure your rugs stay as clean and fresh as possible. Only buy from a reputable supplier With Oriental rugs, you could buy what looks like a masterpiece, and it may be worth nothing. Adversely, that scuffed, tatty old rug in...

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Heirloom Rug Cleaning Had a Great Training Seminar with the Rug Lady

Heirloom Rug Cleaning participated in a great 3-day class with Ruth Travis this week at our facility. If you are interested in learning more about rugs and our improved care & repair techniques for your Oriental area rugs, please give us a call! Ruth Travis, referred to as the “Rug Lady”, currently is an IICRC-approved instructor for Color Repair Technician and Rug Cleaning Technician Certification Categories. Check out these great photos of our event. We had a great turnout and learned a lot of great information we can use to take care of our clients!...

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Rug Cleaning in Daytona Beach: First-Aid Tips for Spills and Stains

Area rugs look really fancy, especially when they’re squeaky-clean. However, there would be times of the year when your rugs are likely to end up dirty and stained – sometimes to the point of being too troublesome to wash. Even professionals offering services for rug cleaning in Daytona Beach and nearby communities have to consider a lot of factors to do their job correctly. Then again, don’t lose hope just yet; some stains can be cleaned on the spot using common household solutions fully accessible to anyone. An article from enumerates some. Blot It Up If it’s impossible to...

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